Ultimate Solutions is a IT Solutions Company started in 2002 with a dream to bring all major IT brands under one roof and provide genuine products at affordable prices to its clients in multiple cities .

Our Strength

Ultimate Solutions offers value-added service in key areas such as System integration, Networking Consultancy, Storage, Security & Surveillance including a wide range of support services.

Continuously meeting the ever increasing customer expectations and applications, its focus on integrated solutions has strengthened Ultimate Solutions capabilities in supporting installation types ranging from single to large, multi-vendor & multi-platform. Ultimate Solutions today has a direct support force of 30 members. Our field engineers receive latest professional training as per the industry standards. 

Our clientele includes a very rich mix of top corporate to small and medium sized businesses organizations, stockbrokers and software houses.

Ultimate Solutions first and foremost priority and belief is to make computers that actually work for you rather than you working for your computers. Keeping this angle in mind our field engineers, who are highly trained with a strong background in R&D, can provide you with some important IT solutions suitable to your kind of environment. So Join hands with our company which will take your organization into the next millennium Keeping you miles in front of your competitors and yet close to your clients.

Goregaon Store :

Mumbai's Only Experience Zone where you can get live demos of Printers, Scanners, All in ones ranging from Rs. 3,000/- to Rs. 60,000/-. Color laser printers on live demo along with entire range of laptops and desktops as well.

Our store has received several certificates for performance & services for consistent 10 years .  Most referred store by giant manufactures like Lenovo, Acer, Microsoft, Samsung, Toshiba, Sony, Zicom and many more.  

Ultimate Solutions and its associations ?

 Ultimate Solutions  is strongly partnered to computer peripherals giants like Lenovo, Dell, Sony, Samsung, Acer, I Ball , HP, Intel, Zicom, Microsoft etc since 14 years.

This company acts as a one stop shop for the IT peripherals required to give a complete solution to any organization. 

We have always catered to the ever rising market demand by keeping sufficient Stocks at our warehouses

We have maintained our standard and have therefore succeeded in providing best Quality PC components to the industry.

We currently serve 8000+ individuals , 1250+ Corporate Clients, 300+ Dealers, 150+ Brokerage Firms, 12 Banks, Government & Insurance Sector in and around Mumbai. We also cater clients in Bangalore, Delhi, Gujarat, Chennai, Hyderabad, Pune, Goa and many other major cities in India. 

Service commitments to the Customer:

Equipped with the best of the IT infrastructure and knowledgeable team of engineers we do not hesitate to give the Industry Standard Service Commitment to our Customers.

We offer a Response time of 2-4 hours within Mumbai depending on the availability of the spares & offer a resolution time of maximum 12 working hours. 

As a special case in case of AMC customer Ultimate Solutions maintains certain amount of spares at client place to cut down on the resolution time..

Last but not the least, sincerity, honesty and transparency are the pillars of strength that we have built our conglomerate on, and intend to continue with this philosophy.

Whether you are a individual , businessman or a IT procurement manager , when you deal with us you are assured of genuine goods, lowest prices and prompt services. In these past 10 years we have retained our profile with associations with many industry giants. Some of them are as follows

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